Projects are almost always about time. Time to complete tasks, time to finish the project, time to track for billing or cost purposes. With Timesheets integrated right into your workspace, you can assign time directly to all of your project activities and finally get an accurate, real-time picture of where your project stands. Its about time.

Recording Time

Select your project, type of activity, task for each item. A simple interface allows the team to record time in just seconds.

Project Activities

Your workspace includes tasks, requirements, change requests, testing activities and more. Your team can quickly assign time to any of those activities from a simple pick list.


If you want to track real-time cost, schedule and effort variances, Timesheets give you a simple option of estimating time remaining on a task. Your workspace will compare that estimate against the original estimate and percent complete and alert you of any developing variance.


Time submitted can be reviewed for accuracy by appropriate supervisors who can also suggest changes or updates to keep in line with project goals.


If your project requires time be approved before billing, an Approval queue lets you review, approve, or reject time submitted. You can even add a note to rejected time so the team member can correct the time entry.

Time Periods

Customize your time period settings so that they are consistent with your project and payroll requirements.


Set your regular and overtime settings and even customize an overtime multiplier if that is required by your project or organization.


Do you need to export time data to another system such as a billing or ERP application? Workspace gives you a host of export configuration options that make it simple to automatically move data from your workspace to another application.


Track team member leave requests or comp time to monitor team productivity. Your workspace will also make sure that team member leave is accounted for in your project plan so that schedules remain accurate.

Leave Approval

If your organization requires leave to be approved, Timesheets can track that as well. Assign designated approvers, and they'll be automatically notified of a team member leave request so that these critical communication requests are never missed.


With so many project activities and assignments, it can be hard to remember to submit time. We can help you with that too. Configure e-mail reminders to both team members and managers to make sure that your data is always complete and up-to-date.


With more and more project teams made up of resources across the world, it's important to keep aware of country specific holidays so you know when your team will be working and when not to assign tasks to resources.