Your testing workspace tracks and manages the entire testing process. Measure the success of test cycles, manage a library of test cases, record test results, and automatically create defects when test cases fail. With your test workspace you'll get instant traceability automatically without the need for any manual setup.

Track Progress

Comprehensive and customizable graphical reports and dashboards let you visualize the progress of your testing process. This makes creating team presentations and status meetings as easy as a click or, at most, a cut and paste.


Create new test cycles in a simple interface, and even set success goals so you can measure in real-time how your testing process is progressing.

Results View

Follow the testing process in real-time as results are recorded, including a quick view of each testing scenario. Click through to the actual result and you're always up-to-date.

Result Details

Each test result includes details such as severity, links to the test case, or other data fields you need to track. When a failure result is recorded, click a button and automatically create a defect linked back to the test case and result.


A running history of all test results is maintained so you can ensure that testing is thorough, regression cycles are complete and quality is optimized.

Test Cases

Build a library of reusable test cases that can be added to test cycles as well as linked to test results, defects, and requirements management. With a complete test case library, you won't have to re-create test cases over and over again, and validated quality processes can be tracked, monitored and measured.


Are your test cases in Excel spreadsheets? Your workspace imports test cases, maps spreadsheet columns to data fields, and if you need to import automated testing results as well, they are easily assigned to the appropriate test cases to ensure continuity of your quality process.