A secure workspace is as important as a productive one. You'll find that your workspace implements security protection at multiple levels. From infrastructure, to users, down to the data level, your workspace gives you the power to control access, audit transactions, and maintain the integrity of your project data.

The Cloud

Our Cloud facility includes layers of redundant network, UPS, back-up power generators, and air handling and cooling systems. Monitoring is ongoing 24x7x365, and access is strictly controlled. We use fully redundant and load-balanced web, application, database and file servers. Our Cloud is protected by multiple security levels, and all data is replicated in real time to a warm off-site recovery site. Both onsite and offsite backups are maintained.

Role-Based Security

Your workspace implements role-based security at multiple levels. Use roles we provide out-of-the-box, or create as many unique roles as you require. Better yet, workspace is so flexible that you can assign the same team members to different roles on different projects. Now, you can create the secure environment that each different project requires.

Administrative Security

Each team member is designated an account and an administrative set of role-based access privileges. You can restrict access to administrative items such as adding new users or data fields, approving leave requests, or client management. You can also limit access to confidential reports to prevent unauthorized disclosures.

Project Security

For each project you can customize roles at a very detailed level. You can control "read," "create," "update", and "delete" privileges across your project workspace. Importing and exporting data is also strictly controlled to ensure data is not improperly added or withdrawn from your workspace. Even dashboard access can be restricted to protect your confidential data and performance results.

Audit Transactions

Changes to workspace items come with audit controls so that you can ensure the integrity of your data. By tracking the audit history you can see changes that have been made, by whom, and when. These security protections are indispensable throughout, particularly as a requirements management tool and for projects that are subject to federal and state compliance regulations. With workspace, that compliance is virtually automatic.


To ensure compliance with password policies, you can enforce both a password length and require that alphabetic, numeric and special characters be used on your account. This minimizes the risk that a user will adopt a "hackable" password that might compromise the integrity of your project data.