Experience the powerful reporting capabilities of Choose virtually any combination of data fields, drag and drop them into the visual report editor, and instantly track trends, measure productivity, monitor quality, or create amazing traceability reports. This is real-time data analysis like never before.

Graphs and Charts

Easy to create graphical reports are ideal for presentations, proposals, and team meetings.

Combine Data and Graphs

Combine data and graphs into a single report and get unparalleled insight into your project's progress.

Custom Formats

Customize your report to view data in the format that works best for you. Tabular and Matrix report formats enable you to create the simple or complex reports you need.

Report Filters

Define and customize report criteria to get just the results that meet your reporting requirements.

Visual Report Editor

Experience reporting elegance that reduces complex data analysis to simple drag and drop. You'll create powerful reports in just seconds.

Simple Data Folders

All of the data fields in your workspace are easily accessible from a simple folder tree. Click on a folder and choose the data fields that are right for your report, then drag and drop them into the visual editor.

Creating Graphs

Choose from line graphs, pie charts or bar graphs for your report needs. Drag and drop the data fields into into the simulated graphs, and you're done.

Matrix Reports

Analyze productivity with matrix reports that track resources and time over a specified period to make sure your team is progressing according to plan.


Advanced security capabilities allow you to define access privileges on each report you create so you can make sure that your data stays protected.

Field Properties

Each and every data field includes a customizable properties option so you can analyze data in ways never possible before.