Planning project schedules, budgets, and resources just got a whole lot easier. Roll up requirements into plan tasks, re-organize tasks with simple drag-n-drop, assign time directly to project tasks, and so much more. With, you'll finally have project plans that actually reflect your project's true status.


Your workspace includes a familiar interface where you can quickly add and re-arrange tasks, assign resources, set dependencies, level plans, and link tasks to other items in your workspace.

Gantt Charts

Visualize your plan in a simple to use Gantt Chart that plots project tasks against schedules and resources. You can even collapse columns to view the entire chart, or click on a task to quickly add or change a resource or time estimate.

Project Start Dates

If your project start date needs to change, simply customize the date, re-level your plan and your entire schedule updates automatically.

Charts and Graphs

Easy to read, clickable charts are a great way to stay informed of all the tasks on your plan.

Resource Usage

A day-by-day resource chart immediately shows you which resources may be over or under allocated so you can maximize team efficiency. Weekends and holidays chosen by you are also accounted for to ensure tasks aren't assigned on days your team is not working.

Import Microsoft Plans

If you have a Microsoft Project Plan, you can import it directly into your workspace and even assign resources right in the import wizard.


Add and update tasks on a simple, customizable form. Track work estimates, remaining work, priority, % complete, releases, iterations and much, much more.


Project team members available for task assignment are listed right in the task, so you don't have to go looking for resources or worry whether a team member can be allocated to your project.


Keeping your team in sync means making sure that tasks are prioritized in the right order. Embedded in each task is the ability to visualize all other tasks so you can make sure that one task isn't started until a dependent task is completed.


The task filter gives you many options for customizing your task view. View only your tasks, tasks that are late, or tasks assigned to a particular release or iteration. With task filters, you won't miss anything you need to know.

List Views

Simple list views give you a quick, easy to read view. Click on column headings to sort, insert tasks in-line, or add a task to your project plan.


Link tasks to other workspace items such as new feature requests, requirements, issues, or other documents. Traceable chains of information are embedded right into your task so you're always well informed and up-to-date.


Every task has a complete history of all changes, updates and modifications so you can quickly analyze progress and performance.