Workspace.com is a project platform for technology teams. It provides a suite of eight project-oriented applications built on a powerful foundation of core services that connect teams and their data.

Create Your Own Workspace

Having all your critical project data in a single workspace, from requirements to defects, is an incredibly powerful benefit. Get started now by creating your own personalized workspace. Choose any combination of workspace apps, and add new ones whenever they're needed. Best of all, pay only for the apps you need.

Free Core Services

Core services are the power grid of the workspace.com platform. As you add new apps to your workspace, Core Services connect them together and provide you with rich capabilities such as customization, reporting, security and so much more. With our Core Services you'll quickly discover how once disconnected tools are transformed into your own integrated and personalized project workspace.

Synchronize - Analyze - Optimize

Together, workspace.com apps and core services enable a visible and transparent project workspace where teams can effectively, and in real-time, synchronize their activities, analyze project performance, and optimize results.