Have it Your Way

Every organization is unique which is why workspace.com was built to be flexible. Workspace.com lets you choose any combination of eight apps to create your own personal workspace. What makes us truly unique is that all of our apps were built from scratch to work together seamlessly.

For example, do you need a requirements tool? We have an app for that. Add our test management app you will be able to trace requirements to test cases and results. Add the defect tracking app and you can trace defects to tests and requirements. Add project planning and, well...you get the idea. In workspace.com you choose what you want and everything just works together.

Support Throughout

Throughout the adoption process we will support your efforts with advice and help as needed to make sure your team utilizes workspace.com to its full potential. There is a wide variety of free options available to help new users get started, including free training, videos, weekly webcasts, a solution center and basic email support. We'll even walk you through our own live workspace.com account to show you how we manage the development of workspace.com. Please create a free account today and take full advantage of our start-up services and our experience in helping hundreds of companies make the transition to a unified workspace platform.