If one thing is certain, it's that projects generate lots of documents. Built right into your workspace is a complete document management repository to help you keep project documentation organized, ensure security, and link any or all documents to other items in your workspace.

Easy Navigation

An easy to use and familiar "explorer" like tree view makes organizing and finding documents simple. Adding folders and documents to your shared repository ensures that your entire team can access documents they are authorized to view.


Your document repository is secure and controlled so that you know you're only working with the latest version of a document, and any changes you need to make won't be lost or missed by other team members.


A complete record of every version of a document is maintained for you, including the actual prior versions of documents. This makes it simple to trace the history of changes, or revert back to an earlier document version.

Approval and Workflow

For documents that require official approvals, it's simple to configure team members with approval authority, track the status and history of approvals, and set-up automatic notifications and alerts letting designated team members know there are documents requiring their approval.