With defects as part of your workspace, your team has immediate access to supporting data such as test results that produced the defect or the requirements that were being tested. This helps defects get fixed faster and correctly.

Visualize Progress

Quick and easy to read graphical charts make it easy to track how your team is progressing on fixing outstanding defects and enables you to prioritize your team to target the most critical defects impacting your project.

Personalized Lists

Set your own personalized list views to quickly get to just the defects that you need.


Powerful linking capabilities allow you to quickly trace a defect to test results, test cases, requirements and more so you can make sure you have just the right information to fix a defect in the fastest way possible.

Customized Forms

New defect forms let you capture critical data about your defects, dependencies or blockers as well as add attachments. You can even add new data fields or change default values so you are capturing just the right information for your project.

Custom Filters

Easily create your own custom filters to make it quick and easy to access defects based on key criteria such as release, severity, priority or resolution.