Vital project information is automatically presented to you and summarized in convenient, easy to read graphical displays. With an instant snapshot of key project data, you won't have to go searching anymore.

Project Health

Convenient dashboard indicator lights warn you early that costs are running too high or schedules are falling behind so you can control cost and schedule overruns before they get out of hand.

Track Key Project Metrics

Set your own personalized levels for changing dashboard warning lights from green to yellow to red so you'll never be caught off guard if key project goals begin to slip.

Graphical Displays

Dashboards give you quick and easy visual displays of vital project data like requirements traceability so you finally track project progress without spending countless hours searching for and compiling critical information.

Secure Access

Easily control your team's access to confidential project data by configuring which team members can access different dashboard components.

Personalized Dashboards

Team members can personalize their dashboards to see just the information that matters most to them.