The whole idea of a workspace is to help you work the way that makes you most successful. So, we've built in customization capabilities that let you make our workspace your workspace. Our goal is to adapt to your needs as much as we can, and more so with each new release of our product. Check out just some of the customization capabilities we offer today, and stay-tuned for many, many more tomorrow.


Create new projects and configure them to map to your own internal processes.


Customize your project terminology to map to different processes such as Agile, or create your own terminology to reuse over and over again.

Data Fields

Add new data fields or edit existing data fields across your entire workspace. Customize requirements, tasks, defects, or any of the workspaces to capture the data that matters most to you.

Data Types

Add new picklists, or auto-number requirements with a fixed ID, or add a currency field to track costs. You can customize your workspace with just about any data type your projects require.

Data Values

Once you've chose a data type (such as picklist) to add to your workspace you can easily create your own custom values, make it a required field, even add it to your filters so you can create new custom views.

Data Constraints

Adding new specialty custom fields is also easy and you can even set specific data constraints and parameters that your organization may require. And, best of all, no programming required.


Once you add a new data fields, you can customize its layout on the appropriate page. A simple drag and drop interface lets you add the new field to one of three separate columns. Preview it and if it doesn't look right, drag it to a new column, until it works best for you.

Layout Properties

Different data field may require a different layout. With Field Properties you can customize justification, the number of columns that a new data field will span, and even how many rows to display for your end-uses.

Colors and Skins

Change your colors schemes to some of the skins provided in your workspace, or get real creative and choose your own colors for tables, tabs, and lists to brand your workspace your own.