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Online Requirements Management Software Advantages:

  • Link and trace requirements through entire project life cycle
  • Validate requirements have been approved, built and tested
  • Manage change requests and know their impact on plans and resources
  • Collaborate online and document critical discussions and decisions
  • Breakdown traditional barriers that prevent effective teamwork

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The Problem with Requirements Management Tools: According to the Standish Group, IT project success rates have hovered below 35% for nearly 15 years without any measurable improvement. Traditional requirements management software and other requirements management tools have failed to address the biggest contributors to project failure which are information overload, insufficient team collaboration and ineffective risk management. attacks these issues head-on by connecting teams and linking the entire life cycle together in the cloud.

Connecting Teams and Achieving Requirements Management Traceability: With you can connect and trace requirements through the entire life cycle because requirements can be linked to tasks, change requests, test cases, defects and more. You can make a requirements traceability matrix at the push of a button and requirements validation is a breeze. No other requirements management tracking tool provides better requirements traceability.

Requirements Management Software Tool

Top 5 Commonly Used
Tools That Kill Projects
  • Text Documents
  • Spreadsheets
  • Email
  • Disconnected Tools
  • Patchwork Integrations

Requirements Management Tool Integrations Don't Work: Many requirements management software vendors claim their requirements management tools integrate with third-party products. However, if you look closer you will see that they are really offering fragile one-way connections. There simply is no such thing as a sustainable, two-way integration between third party apps, which is why we developed the cloud-based platform.

Who Uses's Requirements Management Software: Project managers, product managers, business analysts, requirements analysts and related roles use for gathering requirements, tracking requirements, managing requirements and requirements analysis. Use to manage use cases, business requirements, functional requirements, technical requirements, change requests, feature requests and project scope. Powerful custom reports provide incredible requirements traceability and make it easy to create a requirements traceability matrix.