Using to manage enterprise software implementations and healthcare technology projects

Jessie Martinez is the Senior QA Project Manager at UCI Medical Center and has more than 20 years of software development life cycle expertise. He's an expert in software process improvement, with intimate knowledge of healthcare information management best practices and standards. Jessie was kind enough to take a few minutes to share with us his experience with

What was the most challanging obstacle your project team faced?

The scope of the project was very large and involved more than 50 internal systems. The project team was widely distributed and consisted of 50 full-time people and more than 100 part-time consultants, executives, physicians and staff. There were more than 4,000 requirements and hundreds of test cases, issues, documents and change requests. Getting all of our data captured correctly and structured in an organized manner that provided traceability and visibility was a daunting prospect.

Why did you choose

First, it is cloud-based. The ability to access project data 24/7 from anywhere in the world was a huge benefit for our large and distributed team. Second, it was tremendously convenient to have a single repository for all of our data. All of our project information was organized, searchable, and reportable. eliminated the need for version control of Word docs and spreadsheets, and saved all the time typically wasted searching through emails, documents and status updates. Finally, we really liked the idea of having all of our data linked together on a single platform. The automation features and traceability reporting that came from having change requests, requirements, tests and issues all linked together saved time and improved quality.

What were you using before

We had previously cobbled together a combination of Sharepoint, Word, Excel, and email.

Did live up to your expectations?

Of course, would we be speaking now if it didn't? In all seriousness, our experience with has been very positive. The Eclipsys implementation was a success and we will continue to use to manage ongoing maintenance. One benefit that I had not previously considered is that our account is now also a wonderful archive documenting the entire project.

" was critical to our ability to successfully organize and manage thousands of requirements, issues, tests, and change requests."
~ Jesse Martinez      

About UC Irvine Medical Center

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Project Description is being used for the implementation and ongoing maintenance of the Eclipsys Sunrise Clinical Suite and eLink Interface Engine. The project includes the integration or replace of more than 50 legacy systems. The project has 50 dedicated team members but involves more than 100 additional consultants, executives, physicians and staff.

Workspace Description

UCI chose to take advantage of the hosted version of Their workspace includes the project planning, requirements management, issue tracking, document management, timesheets, and test management.