Workspace Partner Program (PP)

Workspace Software partners with industry leading technology and services providers to deliver a holistic solution for managing the delivery of successful IT solutions. Whether you're a platform or point solution vendor, a Systems Integrator, a software services firm or a consulting company, the WPP allows you to leverage as a technology and the community as a marketplace to gain new customers, extend your technology, build new solutions, and leverage your services. If you deliver a product or a service aimed at any or all of these constituencies, then the WPP is a vital means to drive more customers and more value out of your business.

Referral Partners

Referral Partners identify organizations that they believe will benefit from the solution and refer them to Workspace Software as a sales lead to be pursued. Should the referred prospect become a customer, the Referral Partner enjoys a Referral Fee based on the dollar amount of the transaction between Workspace Software and the new customer.

Whether you are a current customer, a consultant, or someone who makes it a point to keep up to date on the latest innovations in the state of the practice for managing and executing software development projects, this program allows you to leverage your existing professional relationships to increase your revenue without having to directly sell or support All that is required is that you identify a prospective customer and participate in the initial sales process via in-person meetings, conference calls, and/or web meetings. The program is free to participate. If you know someone that could use, contact us.

OEM & Reseller Partners has been architected to be re-branded and customized to be presented as an OEM offering or resold under a private label. If your business can be accelerated by offering all or a subset of's capabilities under your corporate brand then this partner program will allow you to leverage for your target market to generate new revenue opportunities.

For those organizations who wish to resell as-is under the brand, then that option is available as well. Services companies who wish to expand their services around the adoption of proven project development processes may resell to offer a full implementation of the technology that is represented by their services. Technology companies who wish to integrate their products to and leverage the brand can likewise resell as part of their portfolio to provide a complete solution to their customers.

Technology Partners

If your solution addresses any part of the software development lifecycle, then integration with will differentiate it. Whether your technology can be delivered as a web service or leveraged with a SaaS offering such as as the front-end, the solution and community will serve as the means to attract new customers.

Solution Partners

If you are a services company that delivers IT solutions for your clients, then the WPP can be utilized to find new customers, demonstrate a competitive advantage, and ensure your success with those customers. From large systems integration firms to on-shore, near-shore, and off-shore outsourced development companies to boutique development shops, allows you to effectively and efficiently leverage the efforts of the entire team, including your customers.

If you are a consulting company dedicated to assisting your clients in their adoption of the latest industry best practices with regard to areas such as process, methodology, and certifications, then the WPP is your means to show that you can walk the walk and not just talk the talk. Whether your clients are interested in:

    - Adopting a formal process such as RUP or Agile
    - Achieving a formal certification such as PMI, CMMI, or ISO
    - Employing better methodologies for managing their project

the WPP allows you to leverage your services by focusing on these process, methodology and certification activities rather than getting defocused on lower level tool adoption issues. With as your toolkit, you can demonstrate your thought leadership without running the risk of getting mired down in software tool issues that only delay project success.